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My Plan For Gilded Pixel

There are many sources for free photography on the net. There are nearly as many sources for camera advice and reviews. I understand that as a relatively unknown photographer starting an entirely unknown website, that the odds are stacked against my success, modest though my aspirations are. So what can I do to stand out? I haven't the resources to create anything fancier than this website (though I do hope to improve it over time), nor do I desire to only sell my photography if there is any possible way that I can make some money by giving it away. I will still sell some images, but I'd rather that not be my primary business model.

How do I make a go of it then? There are many little ways that I hope to make this website viable, but one in particular that I hope will help. I feel that as an independent photographer I will achieve the greatest success on Gilded Pixel (and elsewhere) by helping to promote others. You will notice that on many of my pictures I link to the subject of the photo's website. I hope to help promote those who deserve it, and frankly, it helps with my search ranking.

There are so many interesting and creative people in the world who get lost in the tide, and who deserve more exposure than they receive. I realize that this site doesn't constitute "exposure" at any real scale, but the questionable old adage "you have to spend money to make money" becomes a truism when changed to: "you have to give whuffie to get whuffie." Hopefully I can do some good with this website, for those I take the pictures of and link to, and with luck, myself.