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Retro Atelier website

In my experience many portrait photographers are over-rated. There are certainly many exceptional and talented portraits taken, but the vast majority fall into the mundane, and usually in these days, over-processed. People should look like themselves, or if modifications are made they should represent some aspect of their personality, not simply to make skin look plasticized or to enhance natural assets.

Therefore it is with a jaundiced eye that I visit new portraiture websites. This one is an exception. The photographers manage to take the old-timey effects that usually simply make photos that try too hard and instead make them interesting and somehow unique. The portraits look old at first glance but upon closer examination there is a newness to them. There is an amazing attention to detail that captures the appeal of "vintage" photography without being boring or tired.

To see some new and interesting yet, old feeling portraiture check it out:


Unfortunately it is in Russian, so here is a Google Translate version for us English speakers: