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Retro Atelier website

In my experience many portrait photographers are over-rated. There are certainly many exceptional and talented portraits taken, but the vast majority fall into the mundane, and usually in these days, over-processed. People should look like themselves, or if modifications are made they should represent some aspect of their personality, not simply to make skin look plasticized or to enhance natural assets.

I'm All About Free - Rob Sheridan Wallpapers

I love free stuff. Here are some wallpapers from Rob Sheridan, they're for computers, iPhones and iPads. Both photography and surrealist art. Defiantly worth checking out: http://www.rob-sheridan.com/wallpaper/

Cell Phone Cameras

Cell phones. You can just tell this is going to be a rant can't you? Mobile phones have been the fodder for comedians and cantankerous alike. Talking on cells in restaurants, while driving, shopping etc, etc, has been hashed over to a point that to repeat it here would be redundant to the point absurdity. Besides, I have often wondered if peoples' nearly irrational hatred of others' phone habits may have as much to do with them not having any friends who want to talk to them as it does with any objection caused by a sense of etiquette.

My Plan For Gilded Pixel

There are many sources for free photography on the net. There are nearly as many sources for camera advice and reviews. I understand that as a relatively unknown photographer starting an entirely unknown website, that the odds are stacked against my success, modest though my aspirations are. So what can I do to stand out? I haven't the resources to create anything fancier than this website (though I do hope to improve it over time), nor do I desire to only sell my photography if there is any possible way that I can make some money by giving it away.

First Post!

Welcome to the brand-spanking-new Gilded Pixel website. I'm working hard to put new content on as fast as I can, so if it doesn't seem like there is much here yet, that will son change.

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